Discipline is generally in the first instance handled by counties, though for some nationally organised events England may assume the disciplinary role.

The list below shows all players, other than U18s, who are currently suspended from hockey whose dispciplinary route went through SCHA. For each player it shows the club that they were playing for when suspended and the period of the suspension. Suspensions which would otherwise straddle off-season periods may be split, in these cases all incomplete periods of suspension will be shown. The dates quoted are inclusive and the player may not return to playing until the day after the last day.

The suspensions may have arisen from red cards, MMOs or disrepute charges.

Player   Club First day   
Last day Notes
Victor Boulder   Hampstead & Westminster  26 Feb 16 26 Feb 19
Fraser Robson Thame 16 Dec 17 15 Jan 19    
Ali Khushi Oxford 16 Dec 17 16 Dec 18    
Clifford Brown Thame 16 Dec 17 16 Dec 18    
Hassan Khushi Oxford 16 Dec 17 16 Dec 18    
Humzah Khushi  Oxford 16 Dec 17 16 Dec 18    
Khushid Khushi Oxford 16 Dec 17 16 Dec 18    
Scott Sandal Thame 16 Dec 17 16 Dec 18    
Jordan McPherson Milton Keynes 10 Feb 18 31 Dec 18    
Harrison Curtis Alton 29 Sep 18 17 Dec 18    
Gulal Singh Buttar Slough 13 Oct 18 16 Dec 18    
Mack Taylor Ashford (Kent) 13 Oct 18 26 Nov 18    
Martin Wilkins Folkestone 20 Oct 18 18 Dec 18    
Rob Khan Milton Keynes 20 Oct 18 18 Dec 18    
James Stemp Chichester 20 Oct 19 30 Nov 18    
David Roche Reading University / Reading  17 Oct 18 15 Dec 18    
Jonathan Stiff Ksports 27 Oct 18 25 Dec 18    
William Luther Milton Keynes 04 Nov 18 15 Dec 18    
    12 Jan 19 17 Feb 19    
Inder Dagger Slough 04 Nov 18 17 Dec 18    
Sunny Rai Slough 04 Nov 18 02 Dec 18    

South News

Mike Taylor It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Mike Taylor on 30 August. He was a lifetime stalwart of local and national hockey. Amongst his many roles he was Treasurer of Trojans HC, Treasurer of the former men's national Hockey Association and our Treasurer for many years until his retirement in June. His genial presence will be sorely missed.

Mike Ward Our Chairman Mike Ward has recently been awarded the EH Long Service Award, currently he also chairs Dorset Men's Competition Committee, Hampshire HA and South Men's League and is a member of EH's Constitution and Regulations Committee. Full report.

EH Structure Review The review was published on 09 February 18. Click here for more details. Ongoing progress is on the EH site.