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The rules of indoor hockey that the FIH are introducing from 01 Jan 16 will become effective in the English domestic game with immediate effect. These changes are:

  • a team may have 6 players on the pitch
  • banning trapping a player in the circle or against the boards
  • a team may only substitute a fully kitted keeper for an outfield player (with or without GK privileges) is limited to twice a match
  • a free push awarded within 3m or the circle will be taken from the point of the offence
  • no extraneous equipment is allowed in the goals

To view the full EH press release click here.

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Rule Changesw 2019 FIH have issued a new set of outdoor rules that become effective internationally on 01 Jan 19. EH have indicated that they will not be implemented domestically during the 2018-19 season. EH Statement.

EH Structure Review The review was published on 09 February 18. Click here for more details. Ongoing progress is on the EH site.