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The rules of indoor hockey that the FIH are introducing from 01 Jan 16 will become effective in the English domestic game with immediate effect. These changes are:

  • a team may have 6 players on the pitch
  • banning trapping a player in the circle or against the boards
  • a team may only substitute a fully kitted keeper for an outfield player (with or without GK privileges) is limited to twice a match
  • a free push awarded within 3m or the circle will be taken from the point of the offence
  • no extraneous equipment is allowed in the goals

To view the full EH press release click here.

South News

Mike Taylor It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Mike Taylor on 30 August. He was a lifetime stalwart of local and national hockey. Amongst his many roles he was Treasurer of Trojans HC, Treasurer of the former men's national Hockey Association and our Treasurer for many years until his retirement in June. His genial presence will be sorely missed.

Mike Ward Our Chairman Mike Ward has recently been awarded the EH Long Service Award, currently he also chairs Dorset Men's Competition Committee, Hampshire HA and South Men's League and is a member of EH's Constitution and Regulations Committee. Full report.

EH Structure Review The review was published on 09 February 18. Click here for more details. Ongoing progress is on the EH site.