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England Hockey changed the Code of Conduct on 02 September 2016. The only change relates to the issuing and penalising a red card issued for multiple yellow cards. The changes became immediately effective.

The changes affect only non-violent offences for which, in isolation, the appropriate penalty would be a yellow card

  • where a person commits the same playing offence twice then the second offence will be penalised with a red card
  • where a person commits different playing offences then the second offence may be penalised with either a yellow or a red card

On the Red Card Report Form there is a new box to indicate if the red card was issued for repeated yellows. In this instance the mandatory minimum suspension is the remainder of the game in which the card was issued (as per the rules of hockey) and no additional automatic penalty. Where a red card is issued for multiple yellows it must still be reported to the relevant disciplinary officer (county, regional or national depending on the game).

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Rule Changesw 2019 FIH have issued a new set of outdoor rules that become effective internationally on 01 Jan 19. EH have indicated that they will not be implemented domestically during the 2018-19 season. EH Statement.

EH Structure Review The review was published on 09 February 18. Click here for more details. Ongoing progress is on the EH site.