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England Hockey released plans in April 2018 to introduce a Tiered structure to the Schools' programme from September 2018. thier press release is available on their website. The plans are identical for both boys and girls. A brief overview is:

  • two term league at U18 for high performance schools (U18 tier 1)
  • one term knockout at U18 and U16 for high performance and intermediate hockey playing schools (T2 at U18 and T1 at U16, with a plate event for early losers T3 at U18 and T2 at U16)
  • one term tournament-based event at U14 for high performance and intermediate hockey playing schools (U14 T1)
  • one term tournamnet-based event at U14, U16 and U18 for intermediate and emerging schools (U18 T4, U16 T3, U14 T2)
  • one term tournament-based event at U14 and U16 for emerging schools 7-a-side (U14 T2, U16 T4)

The tournament-based events are scheduled to be run by the counties and begions and league and knock-out by EH.

EH have a non-committal survey running prior to the entries being opened to determine which events schools think that they are likely to enter. All schools are encouraged to complete it.

EH will be opening the entry for the league and knock-out events in mid-May. Once the entry for these events has closed, South will review what events it needs to run in 2018-19.

South Hockey runs the following regional level events for schools:

For outdoor events entry is by qualifying from a county event. For indoor events there is a mixture of direct entry and county rounds. For details of individual events please click the links above or follow the links on the menu.



South News

EH Structure Review The proposals from EH are presented at roadshows in July and September. EH issued their proposals on 20 December. For more details from EH email them to register. Ongoing progress is on the EH site. More details.