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South Treasurer


The current Treasurer indicated in the Autumn of 2017 that he is standing down at the end of his current term which completes in June 2018 at the SCHA AGM.  The incoming Treasurer will be responsible for overseeing the financial matters across the whole of the S.C.H.A. activities covering senior and junior bank accounts and the SCHA transactions covering the South Region’s Player Pathway Performance Centres. Interim account positions are to be presented at each South Management and South Council meeting, with audited accounts plus budget proposals to be made available at the AGM. The post is currently re-appointed on a yearly basis at the AGM.


Please feel free to contact the SCHA Chairman to confirm the duties which are shown in outline below:

Produce interim reports on all SCHA accounts at Management and Council meetings (total meetings usually no more that around 6 per year).

Verify and approve all invoices presented and pay as necessary.

Set Affiliation fees annually and collect from Counties.

Attend South Management/Council meetings whenever possible.

Monitor Junior Accounts (usually run by Junior Budget holder).

Monitor Player Pathway Performance Centre accounts (Usually run by South Player Pathway Treasurer).

Oversee Senior accounts.

Advice on all Financial matters directly affecting the S.C.H.A.

Ensure good practice throughout and thus contribute to the delivery of the strategic objectives of the SCHA.

Report to the SCHA Chairman/ Vice-Chair as required

Submit accounts for annual audit.

Qualifications and Experience

Good access and use of IT technology for e-mail, documentation, and experience of accounts is desirable, plus any other appropriate communication media options as deemed necessary.

Skills and Abilities

  • Have a balanced view point for the long term good of the game and S.C.H.A. region.
  • Be prepared to challenge all change to ensure it is for the good of S.C.H.A.

·         Good inter-personal skills with clear and accurate written and spoken communication skills

·         Not to knee-jerk on decisions and be prepared to canvas wide opinion before acting.

·         Set standards with attention to detail and relevance.


  • Well organised
  • Excellent administration and communication skills history
  • Be a team player with the ability to work from own initiative
  • Energetic with the willingness to always learn 
  • A ‘can do’ attitude

South News

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