Futures' Cup Selections

Futures' Cup Selections

The selections for Futures' Cup 2019 are below:

Under 16 Boys

Wessex Leopards     Mercia Lynx     Pennine Pumas     Saxon Tigers  
Billy Bedwell Bristol   Isaac Bridge South Midlands   Archie Benton Manchester   Josh Barrott Caterham
Caspar Beyer Guildford   James Cake Weybridge   Hari Bhogal Yorks   Ed Brice Bury
Will di Biase Guildford   James Coles Reading   Marshall Buchanan Durham   Joe Cotton Caterham
Jacob Edwards Bristol   Liam Daddo-Langlois West Midlands   James Burley Yorks   Finlay Dennis Caterham
Ben Gaze Guildford   Tom Fox Weybridge   Adam Carter East Midlands   Harvey Edwards Northwood
Joseph Gough Bristol   Callum Hawkins West Midlands   Luis Cuttle Manchester   Sami Englefield Tonbridge
Oliver King Bristol   Henry Jones West Midlands   Alex Erlam Manchester   Walter Forsey Bury
Nic Lamming Guildford   Harry Markham Reading   George Fletcher East Midlands   Toby Gayler Northwood
Oliver Lander Southampton   William Owens Weybridge   Archie Fisher Manchester   Luca Gomez Caterham
Will Petter Guildford   Dylan Parry Weybridge   Rory Hobbs Fylde   Dan Hamilton Caterham
Jacob Pengelly Taunton   Theo Pawsey-Persaud Weybridge   Fred Jackson East Midlands   Luke Holland Caterham
Sammy Pratt Taunton   Hugh Phillips-Bland West Midlands   Joe Sookias East Midlands   Andrew Inskip Bury
Ollie Rundle Taunton   Freddie Pollard Reading   Harry Stone East Midlands   Sami Parkes Caterham
Nick Schubach Bristol   Satvir Sahota South Midlands   Fabio Stubbs Fylde   George Schooley Tonbridge
Oakley Sparshott-Thompson Southampton   Harrison Scott Reading   Patrick Tenner Manchester   Liam Sillis Bury
Edward Stevens Bristol   Connor Sign South Midlands   Max Turner Fylde   Josh Tikare Caterham
Jack Thomas Guildford   Jonathan Sturch-Hibbitt Weybridge   Will Tyson Yorks   Finley Webster Tonbridge
Jack Webb Bristol   Harry Tufts Weybridge   Seb Yates Manchester   Charlie Williams Caterham
Alessio di Bon Guildford   Callum Wolvers West Midlands   Sam Cossey East Midlands   Charlie Brooks Tonbridge
Jack Hobkirk Southampton   Theo Wood Weybridge   Toby Gladwin Fylde   Nathan Gladman Northwood


Under 16 Girls

Wessex Leopards     Mercia Lynx     Pennine Pumas     Saxon Tigers  
Katie Beale Taunton   Alice Atkinson West Midlands   Ruby Apoola East Midlands   Izzy Atherton Caterham
Mille Cant Guildford   Alicia Bailey West Midlands   Harriet Barket East Midlands   Venetia Barker Tonbridge
Ellie Chester Guildford   Ellie Mae Beeton South Midlands   Martha Broderick East Midlands   Lottie Bingham Caterham
Bella Davies-Roche Southampton   Bronte Brough West Midlands   Leah Davis Yorks   Jess Broadway Bury
Katie Day Taunton   Zoe Clark Reading   Honey Dickinson Manchester   Olivia Buchanan Bury
Lucy Day Taunton   Jasmine Ellis West Midlands   Sienna Dunn Manchester   Tilly Butterworth Bury
Jess Dyson Guildford   Sophie Hughes West Midlands   Izzi Evans East Midlands   Annabel Cheveley Caterham
Anna Edwards Bristol   Marta le Huray Weybridge   Sophie Flint Yorks   Tabitha Collier Northwood
Sophie Gould Taunton   Lily Hutton South Midlands   Miranda Jackson East Midlands   Matilda Crampsie Northwood
Matilda Hamilton Guildford   Lily Johnson Weybridge   Bo Madden Fylde   Daisy Ford Bury
Izzy Heelis Southampton   Zoe Lawrence Weybridge   Hattie Madden Fylde   Holly Furber Caterham
Millie Isaacs Bristol   Katie Livingstone Reading   Alice Maxwell-Reid Manchester   Sofia Martin Northwood
Saskia Lawrence Bristol   Connie Potts Reading   Tilly O'Brien East Midlands   Jess McMeeking Tonbridge
Beau-Lily Shepherd Guildford   Abi Roberts Reading   Josephine Paul Yorks   Florence Miller Northwood
Imogen Sparrow Bristol   Roisin Selby West Midlands   Holly Pears Durham   Jessica Ollerenshaw Northwood
Eleanor Stephenson Taunton   Elani Sherwood Weybridge   Amelia Pollock Durham   Chloe Plumb Tonbridge
Alice Thornton Southampton   Leah Wiles Weybridge   Brodie Taylor East Midlands   Izzy Shelley Tonbridge
Jo York Bristol   Tara Wyllie West Midlands   Ottilie Sykes East Midlands   Tilly Strand Ford Caterham
NTR       NTR                    
Suzie Carter Bristol   Wmma Carey Weybridge   Ella Bowman East Midlands   Zoe Ross Caterham
Izzy Martin Guildford   Jenny O'Grady West Midlands   Esther Smellie Manchester   Lily Sokhri Northwood


 Under 18 Boys

Wessex Leopards     Mercia Lynx     Pennine Pumas     Saxon Tigers  
Joel Cant Guildford   Max Anderson Weybridge   Matthew Cavaliere Fylde   Atunrolaolu Ashaye Northwood
Ben Forsey Taunton   Josh Brown South Midlands   Tom Davenport Manchester   Callum Brown-Lea Tonbridge
Alex Georgiou Southampton   Finn Cooper Weybridge   Alex Findlater Yorks   Eddie Casselden Tonbridge
Ned Goodridge Southampton   Ollie Dunn Reading   Will Gibbon Manchester   Max Christopher Caterham
Peter Holdway Bristol   Ben Ferguson Reading   Robert Goldthorpe Yorks   Daniel Cox Northwood
Ferg Jackson Southampton   Tom Ferris Reading   Matthew Goodley East Midlands   Erdal Demir Northwood
Sam Mackenzie Southampton   Theo Gardner West Midlands   Angus Graham East Midlands   Max Garner Northwood
Joe Mallett Taunton   Ben Hoggan Reading   Alex Greenway Durham   Oliver Hassall Northwood
George Nicholls Bristol   Seb Hood South Midlands   Michael Greenwood Manchester   Luke Kennedy Northwood
Nick Nurse Bristol   Will Hunter Reading   Nikash Henshaw Manchester   Will Mead Tonbridge
Jacob Payton Bristol   Fin Hurst Weybridge   Owen Lloyd East Midlands   Fraser Myers Caterham
Will Porter Guildford   Adam Hewitt South Midlands   Oliver Manson Yorks   Steven Rich Caterham
Toby Power Taunton   Noah Plowman West Midlands   Joe Morton East Midlands   Louis Ridge Tonbridge
Will Prentice Bristol   Morgan Sign South Midlands   Ben Robinson Manchester   Nathan Rozario Bury
Harry Relph Guildford   Jake Sloggett` Weybridge   Edward Robinson Fylde   Ashley Sewell Caterham
Tom Smith Guildford   Callum Smith Weybridge   William Robinson Fylde   Seb Walton Caterham
Johnny Thompson Guildford   Freddie Smith Reading   Archie Vaughan East Midlands   Conner Webb Bury
Olly Witts Guildford   Louis Wright Weybridge   Alfie Weaver Yorks   Olly Weston Tonbridge
Josh Fiske Guildford   Zack Brough West Midlands   James Donachie Yorks   Stuart Cuff Northwood
Hugh Page tbc   Rhys Noble South Midlands   Joe Harland Fylde   Alex Thompson Tonbridge


Under 18 Girls

Wessex Leopards     Mercia Lynx     Pennine Pumas     Saxon Tigers  
Brydie Ault Guildford   Lottie Atkinson West Midlands   Taryn Allen Yorks   Georgie Cantrell Bury
Amy Beckett Southampton   Charlotte Attridge West Midlands   Ellie Barlow East Midlands   Lizzie Cook Caterham
Hannah Bodoano Guildford   Lucy Clemmow Weybridge   Bea Bell Yorks   Jemima Copeman Northwood
Jade Vardon-Cardy Taunton   Georgina Dawson West Midlands   Megan Cottee Durham   Beth Farrow Bury
Eliza Chipprndale Taunton   Imogen Gillgrass West Midlands   Sophie Dixon Fylde   Georgie Gardens Bury
Emily Harris Guildford   Chloe Gravestock Weybridge   Lucy Eagling Fylde   Molly Hobson Northwood
Rosie Hope Guildford   Amelie Hales Weybridge   Maddie Goodman Manchester   Hannah Kilpatrick Northwood
Jenny Hughes Bristol   Kirby Harris South Midlands   Olivia Hackney East Midlands   Lucy Leel Northwood
Hannah Jackson Bristol   Poppy Harrison Weybridge   Lottie Kielty Manchester   Alisa Naylor Tonbridge
Ella Job Guildford   Millie Home South Midlands   Hannah Loughton East Midlands   Eloise Richards Caterham
Chrissie Jowett Taunton   Ellie Lord Weybridge   Rebecca Malyon East Midlands   Alexandra Sacker Tonbridge
Mary Klugman Guildford   Holly Nixon West Midlands   Hannah Macdonald Manchester   Ella Sherring Northwood
Alice Lamb Taunton   Emily Overend Weybridge   Emily Peacock Fylde   Lara Taylor Bury
Alice Neville Bristol   Lizzy Pocknell South Midlands   Caitlin Polley Manchester   Tilly Tillings Tonbridge
Emma Stewart Guildford   Monet Stuckey Weybridge   Louisa Rogerson Fylde   Elizabeth Tupman Northwood
Freya Tatham Taunton   KT Windsor Reading   Amy Scott Yorks   Amy Wickham Caterham
Megan Taylor Bristol   Evie Wood Weybridge   Hannah Tjon Soei Len East Midlands   Tassy Williams Caterham
Sammy Welsh Taunton   Ellie Yeomans Reading   Rebecca Walker Fylde   Emma Williamson Bury
Olivia Freer Bristol   Izzy Dunster Weybridge   Libby McCoy Manchester   Emilia Crosby Northwood
Izzy Viant Southampton   Alice Jackson South Midlands   Mia Rawlins Yorks   Rosie Firth Caterham

South News

Coronavirus With most of the region in, or appoint to be in Tier 4, we are back to Stage 1 of the return to play. Adult hockey is restricted to members of a single household. U18 sessions can continue but the travel protocols require 'local travel only' (village, town or part of city). EH are clarifying with the government the precise interpretation of this.  For full details please see the EH website. and their FAQs.

Performance Centres Due to the region being in Tier 4 by 03 January, Performance Centre activity in the South has been suspended.

Maurice Kitrell It iswith sadness that we report the death of Maurice Kitrell, President of Middlesex HA. He has served on the Middlesex committee for many years.

SCHA AGM The SCHA AGM will be an electronic meeting on 14 January 2021. Click for details.

Sanctions for Covid 19 Offences EH brought in a range of new penalties for Red Cards and MMOs where there has been a breach of Covid 19 regulations. The minimum suspensions will be:

  • regulation 6.5(a) - 45 days (no violence used, attempted threatened)
  • regulation 6.5(b) - 60 days (violence to player used, attempted or threatened)
  • regulation 6.5(c) - 90 days (violence to official used, attempted or threatened)