Performance Centre Handbook

Performance Centre Handbook

To download the Handbook please click here. The full handbook also includes brief Centre Information sheets which have not been icluded on this webpage but are part of the dowloaded document and are available to download on the download page.

1. General Administration

1.1     Registration

EH are trialling a new online system during Futures’ Cup in August 2017. If that is successful, players will be required to register on it and many of the day-to-day administrative tasks will be undertaken using the system. Details will be provided during September and October 2017 when we have worked out how we may utilise the system to the greatest advantage.

1.2     Fees

The Fees for 2017-18 are:

  • £300
  • £200 Channel Islanders (see 1.10 below)

They are due by 10 September and should be paid to 30-92-45 43681268 (Southern Counties HA) using the individual payment reference that has been provided to you. Please note that the reference contains no punctuation or spaces, just numbers and letters.

The fees may be paid by instalments. The standard format is three equal payments of £100 payable on 10 September, 10 December and 10 February, using the above mechanism. Though Tony may agree other instalment plans if he feels it appropriate. To arrange to pay by instalments please email Tony.

Whilst a request to change to the standard three equal payments will not be declined, if it has not been requested the system will not have been updated and automatic reminders for outstanding payments will be generated.

1.3     Absence from Performance Centre

You are requested to report all absences as early as possible. If there is a significant number of player absences the overall design of that particular session may need to be altered.

It is expected that this will be done through the new online system. Details will be updated in September.

1.4     Absence from School

There are expected to be few clashes with the standard academic programme in this schedule, though for some the Saturday sessions may be an issue. For those who wish to try to be released from school commitments, EH have prepared a generic letter of request for absence which may be downloaded here.

1.5     Injuries

Minor, short-term injuries, those that are expected to last no more than a week or two, should just be reported in the same way as an absence.

Long term injuries should also be emailed to Tony as soon as it is believed that an injury will be long term. Refunds will be available for long term injuries, but only if we have had the opportunity to give others an opportunity while you are unavailable.

When carrying injuries, players should not play or train at Performance Centre. The intensity of the sessions is likely to exacerbate any existing condition.

However, injured players may attend to spectate. Depending on their injury it may be possible to get them involved with some of the exercises, usually by being a static feeder. It is the player’s decision as to what is relevant for them and there is no requirement for them to attend.

1.6     Welfare

If you have a welfare concern, please contact the South Welfare Officer, Josephine Carr, on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her on 07976 742937.

Click here for the EH Welfare Policy, which can be found on their website.

1.7     Website

The South Hockey website is Under the juniors tab there is a whole section for the Performance Centres. If you have a question, please check there first as we do endeavour to keep it up to date.

1.8     Cancelling Sessions

Currently when a session is cancelled at short notice, details of the cancellation will be emailed to all parents and players.

The new system should allow us text this information instead. We will need to investigate the capabilities and the associated costs. It is likely that only one text per player will be sent, rather than one to the player and one to each of the parents.

1.9     Boarders

We appreciate that those at boarding school may have slightly different needs.

For those who can reasonably make the same centre from both home and school, then we will use this centre.

Where this is not practical then they will be assigned two centres one close to home, the other close to school. One of these will be designated their main centre (which will be their competition base) and one a guest centre. This will be done on a case by case basis as other factors such as:

  • whether they are a weekly or full term boarder
  • distance of travel to competition centres (as much of the competition is in school holidays)
  • liaison with the other regional reps (where appropriate)

need to be taken in to consideration.

1.10  Photography

We follow the standard England Hockey policies on photographic recordings. The full policy can be downloaded below.

Parents wishing to take photographs should download and complete the registration. It should be scanned and a copy sent to Tony, the original should be lodged with the centre.

1.11  Channel Islanders

Those from the Channel Islands are not expected to attend the Monday evening sessions. The island authorities with provide some sessions with mainland coaches locally. The fee to the Performance centre will be reduced and separate fees charged for the local sessions.

1.12  Contacts

Performance Centre Director

Tony Hilton

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

020 8680 3681


Josephine Carr

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

07976 742937

The best way to contact Tony is by email.

Other contacts will be distributed separately as this document is freely available on the web.


2      Hockey

2.1     Training Methodology

The training is delivered using the National Development Themes, using games based experiences to try to develop the players’ games to the next level. Whilst skills will be developed and honed, as much emphasis is put on the thought processes required to take to the next level.

There is little, if any, specific skills training. Players are expected to be accessing skills training elsewhere. Goalkeepers will be included in the main exercises. It is expected that goalkeeping specialists will be present for about 60% of the session time.

2.2     Protective Equipment

EH require all outfield players under 18 to wear shin pads and mouth guards. It is highly recommended that those over 18 do.

It is recommended that all outfield players wear a glove on their left hand.

Goalkeepers must wear full protective equipment.

2.3     Kit

There is a range of performance Centre kit available to players. It is only available online at This is a hidden page on the EH Shop website and cannot be navigated to from the home page.

Outfield players are required to have a minimum of the blue and white playing shirts with the shirt number that has been provided.

For match days, they are also required to have navy and white socks and navy shorts or skorts. These must be colour compatible with the Performance Centre kit. They may not have any branding on them other than Adidas.

Goalkeepers are required to have the light blue smock.

Tracksuit bottoms and hoodies are available. These are optional.

All players will be allocated a shirt number, which is required on all playing shorts and smocks. There is no other personalisation on any of the kit.

2.4     Feedback

Feedback will come in many forms. During the cycle, there will be:

  • group feedback – general points from the coach to the whole squad
  • 1-1 sessions – between a coach and a player, this will be oral
  • online – subject to the trial of the new registration system being successful, online feedback may be to individuals or the group

At the end of the cycle, or when a player is released they will receive feedback. The format for 2017‑18 has not been confirmed, but in 2016-17 it was by a short bullet point list (usually three) of development points, indicating what the coaches felt the player needed to work on the most. The intention being that players share this with their other coaches so that can continue to develop.


3       Staffing

The overall programme in the South will be controlled by Tony Hilton who will also be responsible for all fee collections and movements of players in and out of the Performance Centre programme.

At each centre, there will be:

Centre Manager

The centre manager will be responsible for the day to day administration of an individual centre. Most of this work will be home based and they will not usually be present at the sessions.

They will be your main contact for administrative matters other than fees. This is a new role and will be filled by Tony at centres until appointments are made.

Centre Administrator

At some centres, we may pilot the Centre Administrator role that is used by some other regions. Where present they will on the day administrative tasks such as:

·         taking the register

·         answering basic questions from parents

·         looking after temporarily injured players

basically, anything that frees the coach up to be on the pitch.

Where appointed it is expected that this role is filled by a parent. It is largely voluntary though a small payment (or reduction in player fees) will be made.

Volunteers are welcome for this role – please contact Tony.

Head Coach

EH appoint a head coach for each centre. They are responsible for the sessions and the training that is provided and they have control of the training plans.

The Head Coach will be responsible for communications on purely hockey matters, though this may be delegated to one of the other coaches.


There will usually be three other outfield coaches at each centre, though at centres with a reduced number of players this may be reduced to two.

Goalkeeper Specialist

A goalkeeper specialist will be appointed to each centre. It is anticipated that they will cover about 60% of the sessions.

4      Sessions

There are three types of training session:

  • training
  • match practice
  • cluster competition

4.1     Training

Training sessions may be held on Monday evenings or at weekends. They will be at your base centre unless specified.

If the coaches request it, some weekend training sessions may be changed to match practice sessions as the season progresses.

4.2     Match Practice

Match practice sessions will be at weekends and will involving two neighbouring centres pairing up with the boys at one venue and the girls at the other. There will be a training session in the morning and a practice match or a series of mini matches in the afternoon.

All players at the centre are scheduled to attend.

4.3     Cluster Competition

The Cluster Competition is where the squads for Futures’ Cup are selected. It involves four or five centres, each playing two full length matches per day.

Squads of 16 will be selected for each of these events. Players should make sure that unavailable is declared as soon as it is known for these sessions, if a player is aware that they are unavailable for either of the July dates then they should declare it before the selection for the March event is announced.

There is no guarantee that players will play in any Cluster Competition sessions.

4.4     U15 Selection Session

We will run a one off selection session for the 2018-19 U15 squad in June 2018. Those currently at PC and born in 2004 are expected to attend this session.

4.5     Academy Centre

Players at Performance Centre may choose whether they do Academy Centre or not. In making their choice they should consider their overall sports schedules, both hockey and other sports. For some it will be a sensible option to do both, for others it won’t.

It will not affect your long-term retention at Performance Centre if you do not choose to do Academy Centres.

Some Academy Centres may advise you not to do both.

5      Player Code of Contact

All players are required to adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

Respect for the game - all players to participate in hockey with a positive attitude and with the right spirit:

  • Be on time for training
  • Give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance
  • Always thank your opposition, coaches, umpires and officials after every game or training session
  • Accept success and failure, with pride, a positive attitude and set a positive example to others

Respect for others - Everyone involved should be valued whether they are a player, official, umpire, coach, opponent or spectator

  • Respect the decisions of umpires and officials
  • Protect others involved in the game from verbal or physical abuse and from other forms of threatening or intimidating behaviour such as bullying
  • Leave all rooms clean and tidy and all playing areas free from litter always.

Self-respect - Young People should take responsibility for their actions on and off the pitch:

  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs of any kind (other than prescription)
  • Never use inappropriate langue, signs or gestures
  • Wear suitable clothing for the activity in which you are taking part
  • Respect the facilities where you play and the equipment that you use
  • Tell someone you trust if the behaviour of other makes you feel uncomfortable in any way
  • Do not engage in sexual behaviour
  • Do not leave the site for any reason unless you are accompanied by a member of staff


6      Movement To and From Performance Centre

6.1     What’s Next

From the Cluster Competition, a squad of 18 players will be selected to represent the Cluster at Futures’ Cup. This will be approximately 20-25% of the players in the cluster. At Futures’ Cup, players for the NAGS squad will be selected.

The position of those players currently on the U18 NAGS squad and eligible for 2018-19 NAGS (those born 2002) has not been decided. As they are not required to attend PC training a route back in to the selection process has to be confirmed. The likely routes are either automatic places at Futures’ Cup or guaranteed places in the NAGS Long Squad.

Being in the Performance Centre for 2017-18 does not imply an automatic place for 2018-19. This is especially true for those moving from U15 to U17 as the U15 groups are usually around 80% U15 and 20% U14 whereas the U17 groups are roughly 50/50 U16 and U17. On average, this means that there are 6 more places at each centre for U15 as opposed to U17. Those who do not receive an invitation for Performance Centre will go to the Academy Centre.

6.2     Transition and Selection

In this context:

  • ‘Selection’ is the selection of a PC squad at the start of a cycle
  • ‘Transition’ is the movement of players between PC and AC or vice versa during the cycle

At the point that the squads were selected, the coaches believed that they had selected the most suitable players to participate.

However, over the course of the season other players may develop and deserve a place and it is right that they be included in the squad. Whilst we generally have scope for one of two additional players, over this, we may need to release players from PC to AC.

Players who have been recommended by their Academy Centre will usually be offered an assessment as soon as is possible. They may be admitted to the centre at any time.

The Performance Centre is designed to be a significant step up and it may not suit everyone. If a coach believes that continued participation is detrimental to a player’s development, then they may recommend a return to AC.

If a player is released by the coach then a refund of the fees for future sessions will be made.

EH have prepared transition guides for each age group which are available on the South website ( under selection and transition and also on the separate downloads page.

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