South Performance Centres

perf centre logoThe Performance Centres are part of England Hockey's Player Pathway for players between from U14 to U17. It sits between the Academy Centres and NAGS (National Age Group Squads). For the 2021-22 season these are being run directly by EH, please refer to their website.

Players at Performance Centre may, at their discretion, participate in the Academy Centre programme. Though not all ACs allow players to do both AC and PC, players should consider their overall sport schedule before doing so. The PC weekend sessions between January and May clash with AC dates.

The Performance Centres provide a mix of training and game play opportunities between September and July. There is no Futures' Cup in 2022, though there may be a festival in late July.

Click here for a diagrammatic overview of the single system. Click here to view the talent development booklet issued by EH detailing the coaching principals and feedback criteria.

Academy Centres

Players at the Performance Level are eligible to participate in the Academy Centres though are not required to do so. They should only do after having considered their total commitment to hockey and sport in geneneral. There will be some players for whom it may be a sensible choice to do both (mainly those with no school hockey) and there will be others for whom doing both may cause them to overplay and would not necessarily be a sensible option. Please contact your county co-ordinators for more information. Counties may offer their own advice, some have a policy preventing you from doing both.

Selection and Transition

Selection is the process where we select the squads for the start of a cycle and transition the movement of players during the cycle. From Performance Centre players may transition to and from both NAGS and Academy Centre. This is in line with EH’s 'right player, right environment' guidelines for the Player Pathway.

Transition recognises that players are continually developing and that it may be appropriate for a player to be awarded a place at any stage of the cycle. Academy Centres (ACs) may recommend players for transition and a suitable PC session or sessions used for the assessment. During the sessions the players will train with those already at the Performance Centre. The PC coaches will assess the player against the others nominated, including those from other ACs, and those already at PC and decide whether it is appropriate to offer a place. A nomination is not a guarantee of a place.

EH have produced a number of guides for selection and transition. Please click the appropriate link below:


There are 16 centres around the country. The that serve the home addresses for players from the South are:

Centre Venue Cluster Boys' Head Coach Girls' Head Coach
    Guildford Highfield School Tigers Ben Allberry Pete Crook
Northwood Merchant Taylors' School Tigers Kate Porter
Reading HC Lynx Paul Dunleavy
Steve Hardy
South Midlands   Warwick School Lynx Chris Davis Gurdip Sandhu
Southampton Wellington Sports Ground (KES)  Leopards Jem Evans Will Heyworth
Tonbridge Tonbridge School Tigers Leon Webster George Lovegrove
Weybridge Oaken Lane, Claygate Leopards 
Helen Jelley
Matt Dean

Players who are at a boarding school a significant distance from home should join the centre based on their term-time address and then may, by prior arrangement, visit the centre closer to their home during the holidays.

Centres are designed to cover a specific area. Where centres are close or are to the edge of the region that they serve, the centre that a player is allocated may not be the closest one. This is particularly the case west of Northwood.

NAGS and AASE Participation

  • NAGS: do not attend PC
  • DiSE:
    • born 2005: full PC member
    • born 2004: players will still be required to undertake additional performance level coaching, PC is one such environment, others will be authorised on an individual basis but will include things like National League Team squad training.

DiSE Nominations

Players who are age-eligible for DiSE will be contacted directly by EH. As many players change school after GCSEs all players who are age-eligible (Sep 04 to Aug 05) who were at PC in 20-21 will have been contacted.

Eligibility for DiSE changed on 2020. Those in private education are only eligible if they are eligible to receive at least a 50% means-tested bursary from their school. If you are eligible for such a bursary but receive a larger assessed scholarship you are still eligible for DiSE.

Player Videos

England Hockey have released 3 player videos, showcasing thre individual PC players detailing their journey to and experiences at Performance Centre:


Goalkeepers will at the same location and at the time as the rest of their squad. The Golden Thread principle that governs the training format uses game play situations for most of the coaching. Whilst there will be some specialist goalkeeper training they will be involved in more of the exercises. These exercises will be designed so that the goalkeepers can take a full part in them rather than just being cannon fodder for a final shot at goal. 

Goalkeepers are expected to provide their own kit, this to include helmet, throat protector, chest pad, arm and elbow protection, gloves, abdominal protector, leg pads and kickers.


perf centre kit

Performance Centre kit is available to purchase from the EH Shop website. It is on a hidden page, if you need the link please email Tony.

Players are required to buy the playing shirts or the goalkeeping smock. These need a pre-allocated shirt number, please contact Tony if you don't have yours.

Outfield players are also required to have navy shorts (boys), navy skorts (girls), navy socks and white socks. These may be those from the site, any Adidas / unbranded items which are colour compatible.

Talent Development Framework

GB Hockey have issued a document aimed at coaches describing what they are trying to achieve through the elite programmes. This document is written in such a way that players and parents will also be able to gain a better understanding of it. There are a number of imbedded videos, so it is available online only, the link is


South News

Chris Burton It is with great sadness that we report the death of Chris Burton ('Burty'). He did a significant amount of work for hockey over the last 40 years as an umpire, umpire coach, appointment secretary, league administrator and several strong club affiliations. You will be much missed. Fineral 12:00 02 August at North East Surrey Crematorium, Merton, SM4 4NU.

Women's Masters Only the Over 65 Women have a regional tournament this year. There will be a festival for all in the South on 25 July at Basingstoke.