Players must be nominated by a JAC or be returning from an England activity (NAGS, NAGS Academy or AASE).


JAC co-ordinators in the South will nominate their players to South JRPC co-ordinator who will assign their centres. If a transfer out of region has been requested it is the regional co-ordinator who will handle it. Nominations may not come directly from schools, clubs or individuals.


The qualification date for JRPC is 01 January 2016 (a year later than the current JAC date so, for example, those in their correct age group at U14 JAC go to U15 JRPC). Players will start JRPC in their natural age group at JRPC, the only exception is if the England coaches request a returning NAGS player plays in an older group. JRPC coaches are able, subject to EH approval, able to move players up an age group. This will only be from U15 to U16 or from U17 to U18 as these are the National Age Group ages. In 2014 there were 4 such players promoted nationally, it is not expected that the number will be significanly exceed this.


There is no JRPC following on from the U13 JAC. However, very occasionally an exceptional player may get nominated to the U15 JRPC. Each such nomination will be vetted by the South before the place is confirmed.


Nomination by a JAC does not guarantee a place at JRPC. If the number of nominations exceeds the places that are available then players will assessed either from their JAC assessments or by such other means as is deemed appropriate by the region. In the past we have not had to make additional assessments though it remains a possibility. However, we usually have to balance the numbers between centres so cannot guarantee your choice of centre.


Selection for Tier 1 Competition


Selection for Tier 1 Competition will be based solely on the performances at the JRPC. To show the coaches that they are ready to be selected it is recommended that players attend a minimum of 4 full days.


However, due to their playing commitments the NAGS players are only available for the last three sessions and will be judged on that. For players from the Channel Islands there are additional offshore sessions which count towards the total, they are only expected to attend three of the sessions on the mainland.


South News

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