Haslemere Leopards JRPC


The Edge, Woolmer Hill Sports Ground, Woolmer Hill, Haslemere, GU27 1QA


Centre Director Heather Windust This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Session Times


Boys and girls in an age group train at the same time but on different pitches. The pitch allocation will be announced on the day and will alternate.

Day Date 10:00-16:00 12:00-18:00
Sat 18 June U18 U17 U17/U18
Sun 19 June U15 U16 U15/U16
Sat 02 July U16 U15 U15/U16
Sun 03 July U17 U18 U17/U18
Sat 09 July U18 U17 U17/U18
Sun 10 July U15 U16 U15/U16
Mon 22 August U17 U18 U17/U18
Tue 23 August U17 U18 U17/U18
Wed 24 August U15 U16 U15/U16
Thu 25 August U15 U16 U15/U16
Sat 03 September U16 U15 U15/U16
Sun 04 September U17 U18 U17/U18


Tier 1 Competition

Clifton College Sports Ground, Abbots Leigh Road, Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3QD.

Participation in the Tier 1 Competition is by selection squads of 18 are selected from the participants. Selections will be announced by 07 September.

At U15 two equal squads of 10 are selected and play 7-a-side.

There are two match days Sun 18 and Sun 25 September. Players will be advised what time they are expected to arrive at the centre, but on average will be 75 minutes before their first game, some coaches may require longer.

Clifton College is a dog-free site.

The Bristol half marathon is on 25 September, though the race is not passing the college roads to the city centre will be affected and roads closed until mid-afternoon. Clik for map of route and road closure schedule.

Both Days   v Bristol 1  v Bristol 2  v Exeter 1  v Exeter 2  
U15B 1  15:40 P2/2 14:20 P2/2 10:20 P2/2 11:40 P2/2
U15B 2 11:00 P2/2 16:20 P2/2 13:40 P2/2 15:00 P2/2
U15G 1 15:40 P2/1 14:20 P2/1  10:20 P2/1  11:40 P2/1
U15G 2 11:00 P2/1   16:20 P2/1 13:40 P2/1 15:00 P2/1


  18 September   25 September  
  v Bristol v Exeter        v Bristol v Exeter
U16B  14:00 P1 11:00 P3 13:00 P3 10:00 P1
U16G 13:00 P3 16:00 P3 15:00 P1 12:00 P1
U17B 14:00 P3 11:00 P1  13:00 P1 16:00 P3
U17G 12:00 P3 15:00 P1 14:00 P1 11:00 P3
U18B 15:00 P3 12:00 P1 17:00 P1 14:00 P3
U18G 13:00 P1 16:00 P1 15:00 P3 12:00 P3

 Pitch 3 (P3) is the water based pitch.



Group Lead Coach Assistant(s)  
U15 Boys

Alex Leach 


Sandy Lawson

Matt Brigden

U15 Girls

Mal Alexander


Hetty Hayden

Laura Craston

U16 Boys
Mike Hughes

Peter Beard

Peter Crook

U16 Girls
James Culnane

Annie Smith

Jamie Whitehoue

U17 Boys Stephen Mina

Rowland Adshead

U17 Girls Micheal Keaveney

Tracey Prowse

U18 Boys Richard Gale

Chris Powell

U18 Girls Mark Robinson

 Penny van Berkel






Jeremy Spicer Martinez

Matt Dean




Tier 2


Selection for Tier 2 is by invitation following the Tier 1 Cluster Competition.

Selection for Tier 2 is by invitation following the Tier 1 Cluster Competition.


Sun 25 Oct to Tue 27 Oct (including overnight)

U15: University of Leeds, Woodsley Road LS2 9LZ

U17: Lilleshall National Sports Centre, Newport, Shropshire, TF10 9LQ


Futures' Cup


Squad Preparation:

Clifton College Sports Ground, Abbots Leigh Road, Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3QD.

  U16 U18
Sun 09 Oct  10:00-16:00  12:00-18:00
Sun 23 Oct 12:00-18:00 10:00-16:00



St Alban's HC / Oaklands College, Hatfield Road, St Alban's AL4 0JA

U16 & U18: Wed 27 Oct (am) to Sat 29 Oct (including overnight) - this is a change to the originally stated dates



South News

EH Structure Review The proposals from EH are presented at roadshows in July, there are two left, the closest to us is16 Sept St Albans.Click here to register. Ongoing progress is on the EH site. More details.

Time to Listen Workshops EH is running several TTL workshops in September and October. Click here for details.