Merchant Taylors’ School, Sandy Lodge, Moor Park, Northwood, HA6 2HT.
This centre is managed by the East, they do not have a website with JRPC details on it.
Players from the South may select Northwood as their preferred centre. However, places can be limited as the vast majority of the East would have to pass Northwood to get to their next nearest centre. The number of places available varies between the age groups but most groups have between 5 and 8 places available to South players. Players who wish to go Northwood should deal with the South co-ordinator who will liaise with his counterpart in the East.

Day Date    
Sat 18 June U17 & U18  
Sun 19 June U15 & U16  
Sat 02 July U15 & U16  
Sun 03 July U17 & U18  
Sat 09 July U17 & U18  
Sun 10 July U15 & U16  
Mon 23 August U17 & U18  
Tue 24 August U17 & U18  
Wed 25 August U15 & U16  
Thu 26 August U15 & U16  
Sat 03 September U15 & U16  
Sun 04 September  U17 & U18  

South News

EH Structure Review The proposals from EH are presented at roadshows in July, there are two left, the closest to us is16 Sept St Albans.Click here to register. Ongoing progress is on the EH site. More details.

Time to Listen Workshops EH is running several TTL workshops in September and October. Click here for details.